Shiba Tsukune

A yojimbo of the Phoenix Clan


Shiba Tsukune is a short, slight woman whose size belies her athleticism and skill with the sword. She has dark hair and wears the orange and pink colors of her clan with pride. She rarely dons armor of any kind, preferring the Phoenix path of diplomacy to intimidation. When she must fight, she does so with speed and grace over strength and toughness.


Tsukune is one of the few Phoenix to have studied at the Lion War College, during a rare period of good relations between their two clans. Her time there only served to convince her even more of the Phoenix’s righteousness in pursuing a path of peace, having seen firsthand how horrific war could become when pursued as a vocation.

After her time in Lion lands, she returned home to become a yojimbo to the Isawa family, the highest honor that can be sought by a member of the Shiba family. Some say she is overly close to her charge, Isawa Tadaka, but such a personal relationship between shugenja and yojimbo is not unknown, even if it is uncommon.

Tsukune is likely destined for an honorable but relatively minor place in her clan’s history.