Ichiro Kazuo

The young new daimyo of the Badger Clan


Kazuo is a tanned young man with a strong jaw and long, dark hair. He strongly resembles a member of the Crab Clan, which makes sense given the distant relationship between the Crab and the Badger. His clothes are shabby compared to samurai from the Great Clans, though still finer than a peasant. The finest portion of his gear is Odenta, the ancestral sword of the Badger Clan, a katana with a wider than normal blade.


Kazuo is the only son of Ichiro Akitomo, the former daimyo of the Badger Clan. He is the first member of his clan to participate in the Topaz Championship in over a century. His entrance into the competition was sponsored by the Lion Clan, who sought an alliance with the Badger Clan in order to gain access to their rich iron mines.

Kazuo is a gentle but morose young man, prone to fits of melancholy as his father was. It is yet to be seen if he succumbs to the same spiritual failings as his father did, or if he will be a better man.