Ichiro Akimatsu

Deceased champion of the Badger Clan


An older man with a paunch covering a once-muscular body, Akimatsu could pass for a paler Crab were it not for his boisterous attitude.


Ichiro Akimatsu was the Champion of the Badger Clan, the Minor Clan whose duty is to guard Rokugan’s northern borders from the Yobanjin barbarians. He was notoriously a drunkard and apparently had an opium habit as well. He perished when his room in the Poisoned Water Inn caught fire while he was incapacitated from his excesses. Some portions of his death don’t add up, however, and his passing likely puts off or ends the possibility of the Lion gaining a quick alliance with the Badger to get access to their rich iron mines.

Akimatsu is survived by a single son, Ichiro Kazuo.

Ichiro Akimatsu

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