Welcome to the Emerald Empire!

Rokugan is an ancient land where honor is stronger than steel—and where both can kill. For a thousand years, the Hantei emperors have guided the Empire through times of peace and prosperity, but that peace is now threatened by a storm on the horizon. War looms for the seven Great Clans and their allies among the Minor Clans. The delicate peace has never been more fragile than at this moment, where it might be shattered with a word.

Young samurai stand on the precipice of a time of chaos. Theirs are the hearts that will guide the Empire away from the brink—or end a thousand years of peace with a single scream.

Will you be the hand that saves the Empire, or the one that damns it?

Welcome to Rokugan, the Emerald Empire, where honor is stronger than steel.


Legend of the Five Rings: Topaz Champions

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