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  • Ichiro Akimatsu

    Ichiro Akimatsu was the Champion of the Badger Clan, the Minor Clan whose duty is to guard Rokugan's northern borders from the Yobanjin barbarians. He was notoriously a drunkard and apparently had an opium habit as well. He perished when his room in the …

  • Ichiro Kazuo

    Kazuo is the only son of Ichiro Akitomo, the former daimyo of the Badger Clan. He is the first member of his clan to participate in the Topaz Championship in over a century. His entrance into the competition was sponsored by the Lion Clan, who sought an …

  • Doji Takeshi

    Takeshi is the magistrate in charge of law enforcement within Tsuma village. He is typically happy to leave ordinary matters in the hands of his subordinate, [[:reyhan | Reyhan]], but he will intervene in politically sensitive issues or major cases.